1. What is DACF?


The DACF is District Assemblies Common Fund. It is a development fund created by the 1992 Constitution which is earmarked for development activities at the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs). It is calculated on the total national tax revenues (except revenue from oil) in Ghana. The minimum percentage stated in the Constitution is 5 per cent of total national tax revenue. Currently, it is pegged at 7.5 per cent of total national tax revenue.

2. Are there other sources of funds other than DACF to MMDAs?


Yes. The DACF by law serves as the main source of funds. However, there may be other funds that ultimately end at the MMDAs for projects.

3. Who determines how the Fund is shared amongst the various MMDAs?


Each year the Law requires the Administrator of the Common Fund to propose a formula for sharing the Fund to Parliament for approval. After Parliament approves the Formula, the Administrator implements it.